The Maya Collection by A Rum Fellow

We are very excited about this new collection by A Rum Fellow. It's the Maya collection and it consists of some stunning handworked Maya tapestries across statement furniture. The last of the intrepid British explorers, A Rum Fellow traverses the globe in search of the wonderful and unique. Each year they introduce a new collection inspired by a country they have explored, taking in that region’s finest traditional and modern design, all presented in their own uncommon style. 

A Rum Fellow - Cumatz 2 Seater

All the tapestries on the Cumatz two seater have been hand woven and hand embroidered by Maya weavers in Guatemala on a backstrap loom. Each panel is woven by a different Artisan over a 4 week period whilst the sofa frame is hand built and upholstered in the UK. 

A Rum Fellow - Catarina Ikat Wing Chair

The Catarina Ikat wing chair is also created using traditional methods. The yarns are bound by hand to create the pattern. It is then dyed in Indigo and when the binds are untied the patten appears. This gives a feathered edge to the design where the dye has seeped in at the edge of the binds. The yarn is then set onto a pedal loom and woven.

A Rum Fellow - Pacha Mama Chair

The Pacha Mama chair is a Danish mid-century design with a fantastic curved back which has been upholstered using a very bright hand woven tribal fabric. This textile is crafted by Quechua tribeswomen and made on a back strap loom using an ancient weaving method that predates the Incas. 

A Rum Fellow - Yucay Chair

The Yucay chair is a beautiful 1960's Danish teak chair upholstered in a bright and bold Peruvian fabric. 

We think they're all stunning!