The Modern Age Trends for Bathroom Suites

Looking to remodel your bathroom and to buy a new bathroom suite? Then you might be interested in the latest trends for bathroom furniture. Whilst you may think that baths, sinks and toilets are fairly easy to buy and quite style resistant, the truth is that bathroom fashions change, just like everything else. So if you're interested in having a stylish and fashionable bathroom, then here's all you need to know about the latest styles.

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These days, bright colours tend to be saved for painting walls rather than for bathroom furniture. Most suites best-selling models are pure and simple white. White, or even cream or ivory, is classic and you can then decorate your bathroom in any colour that you wish. Colour is an important consideration when installing a bathroom suite, since you need to think not only of your own personal taste, but also the potential resale value of your house. Going with a simple colour choice will always be fashionable. And light colours also have the advantage of making a bathroom look larger and lighter than it really is.

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Modern styles of bathroom suites are actually veering more towards classical looks these days. There are two main popular styles. The first is true classical, with claw footed, free standing bath tubs and elegant pedestal sinks. Of course, even with a classical style, there's still plenty of modern luxury, with Edwardian style shower heads being used in high pressure steam showers. The other tendency is towards more of a simple classical style. Sinks and bath tubs, and even toilets, with clean, sharp lines and basic shapes are becoming the norm.

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We're also seeing a move away from the traditional three piece bathroom suite made up of toilet, tub and sink. Bidets are becoming increasingly popular, as are shower enclosures rather than large bath tubs. This is particularly good news for people with small bathrooms, since omitting the bath tub will allow you to make more space. And for those people that do choose to fit a tub, many designer suites nowadays are coming with non-traditional shapes of bath. Corner baths, which are good space savers, are popular, as are sunken baths and free standing models. More and more toilets are wall fitted, meaning that the workings of the toilet are hidden, either behind the wall itself, or inside a simple cabinet. This gives a cleaner and more spacious look to a room.

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Of course, every bathroom needs designer accessories fitted to the bathroom suite. Taps are one of these. Taps again are following two basic trends. There are the extremely classical separate hot and cold tap mechanisms, generally brass or brass look faucets. But the more modern, cleaner lined bathroom is more likely to get modern looking taps. These are usually high taps, with square, sharp lines. And, of course, today's economy means that most taps, even high end designer ones, are water saving to cut down on energy use and water bills.