The Modern Look - A Timeless Classic for Apartments?

Apartments decorated in a modern style are remarkably popular, whether it's a simple one-bedroom out-of-town flat or a top-class option in the heart of the capital, such as this beautiful property for sale in the exclusive Chelsea Vista complex in Fulham, from Savills Estate Agent. More architects are choosing a simple contemporary look not because it's cheaper or easier, but because it has lasting appeal - and to a wide audience.

There are certain staples of modern design that are consistent between all kinds of property that adopt it. The most striking, as you can see with Chelsea Vista, is the use of hardwood or high-quality laminate flooring. As arguably the primary surface of any property, the impact of flooring on the overall look and feel of a room often gets overlooked, yet the clean lines and deep ochre of wood ties well into furniture of all kinds while also reflecting light to create a more open atmosphere.

Modern design also accentuates the more creative elements of a homeowner's personality by framing their wares among more regimented, yet dependable, decor. The aforementioned clean lines and straight edges of modern furniture, flat-screen TVs, walls and floors often make the more personal elements of a home - soft furnishings, ornaments and artwork - stand out and take real pride of place in the home.

Finally, it is worth pointing out how lighting is integral to a truly successful look in the home. Whether you use spotlights, fluorescent bulbs or carefully placed LEDs, the trick is to have a lot of options to light a home, yet not let any of them intrude on the overall look of a room - it's all about fitting lights discreetly.