The Perfect Car Accessory – A Fitted Carport

An effective way to really make the most out of your available outdoor space while protecting your household vehicle at the same time is through the installation of a tailored carport. With the right design, not only can you ensure the safety of your vehicle against the elements, but you can also add character and style to your home through a thoroughly practical construction. 123v-carport-canopy-brown-cantilever

When choosing a carport that suits your home’s exterior, it is important to contact professionals like 123v, who, with their vast experience in the design and installation of carports, will help you make the perfect choice. 123v’s carports are available in a range of styles and colours allowing you to take charge of the car canopy design.


Read on to find out more about how carports can add to the aesthetic value of your property, whilst also providing the necessary practicality:

Security: A well-designed and installed carport is a great addition to any home as it provides a secure space in which to park your choice of vehicle so that it is protected against any potential damage or theft.

Weather Protection: In addition to providing security, a quality carport – expertly fitted – can offer substantial protection to your vehicles from the elements. The unpredictable weather can potentially be a hazard, with strong winds causing branches to tumble down and with heavy rainfall and large hailstones falling from the sky, you can rest assured that under a carport canopy, your vehicle is protected.

Stylish: A carport can be the ideal, affordable addition to a home that can also significantly add to property value. A well-designed, robust – yet stylish – carport canopy can enhance the outside view of your property and prove to be the perfect attachment to your home when chosen carefully.


Give your house a face-lift and be the envy of your neighbours; contact 123v to see how they can help personalise, design and install a carport canopy onto your home.