The Super Useful Sofa Bed

We would all like to have a double bedroom permanently prepared for unexpected or even expected guests, but sadly for most of us this is out of the question.  Space is at such a premium in our busy households that all too often the ‘spare bedroom’ has been given over to ‘home office’. That is when the sofa bed comes into its own.  The most useful of all dual purpose pieces of furniture, it almost instantly turns the sitting room into another comfortable bedroom with just a few adjustments.

Interior Addict

There are lots of versions available for almost any style of home and most of them don’t look like sofa beds in their daily existence.  It is possible to have the conventional shaped sofa that looks most at home in a traditional interior, but there are modular and L-shaped versions for contemporary homes also now.  Modern sofa beds are super comfortable too.

The White Company

Don’t forget the small touches for making your guests comfortable too.  Ironed sheets and a plump duvet and pillows will ensure a good nights sleep and don’t forget to provide a handy table lamp for bedtime reading and in case they want to get up in the night.  Other little touches might include a carafe and glass for a drink and a small tin of biscuits for a midnight snack.

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Your guests might never want to leave!