The Urban Gridded Notebook

Something for all of you map geeks out there.  You know who you are! It’s the Urban Gridded Notebook by Walking-Chair Design Studios; a blank notebook lined with the street grids of 127 different cities from all over the world, which act as the backdrop to your notes, lists and scribbles.  Great for architects, designers, urbanistas and artists to map lovers, explorers and travellers… everyone who enjoys urban areas, cities and pretty cool notebooks too.

hirst and hirst urban gridded notebook - inside with notes

With light blue lines on white pages,  Walking-Chair Design Studio of Austria and John Briscella of Aminimal Studio have turned cities into vector graphics and used them as a ‘grid’ for the notebook. Each page is like the lure of a city just waiting to be discovered and makes note writing fun.   There are 127 city grids from all around the world on 256 pages and each spread is a named different city.

hirst and hirst urban gridded notebook - inside

The designer Heinz Boesch says, “The modern city is controlled by the grid. We should not let the grid control our creativity…doodle in parts of a city unconsciously, map your travel in a city or just deposit your thoughts in your most favourite spots, parks and squares. Populate the pages with dreams and doodles. Fill the city with your life!

hirst and hirst urban gridded notebook - cover

A great gift for Fathers Day maybe?

Available in the UK from Hirst & Hirst.