Throw off the Shackles of Winter with a New Rug

Open your home to the warmth of spring and summer with some great interior design ideas – with rugs to complement the scheme! Think romance

Remember the days of romance; delightful soft shades and muted colours in pinks. Almost minimalist in style, furniture lines are clean and smooth. This interior design scheme oozes sophistication and romance, restfulness as well as peace and tranquillity… but with a 2014 twist by adding a splash of colour!

Esprit Spring Flower Rugs

This scheme looks at everything having colour, not just walls. Ceilings are pastels too and hard floors are painted lighter shades but for a real twist add a complementing colour to your scheme that is stronger than pastel. Not the ‘brights’ of seasons gone, but stronger colours… pastels pinks and greys will take a stronger pink; blues will take a navy rug… you can see the combination and how it works. Make the rug of your choice this year the strong colour to dramatize your room. Take a look at the latest range too, for ideas by logging on

Colour is still here

For those that need colour to highlight their personality and style, then you will be pleased to know that there is still a colour scheme for 2014 but heavier, richer, earthier and structured. It is a fusion on unexpected colour but following a structure… wire legged framed furniture with bold coloured tops or seating, for example is the key element of this design. Rugs are abstract patterns with colour, breaking the rules and yet offering the room a key element of its design.

Patchwork Rugs

But, using abstract patterns in interior design can go wrong so avoid the pitfalls with this great article that shows you how to use abstract patterns to the best of their ability

Bringing the tropics to you

There is one more alternative if the other schemes do not attract you and that is our ongoing need to bring the tropics to us; all the warmth of the vines, the wood, the ceramics and the fabrics are the essential components of these scheme. You can really unleash your creativity here with larger-than-life wall murals and rugs have their part to play.

Aztec Rugs

Opting for organic materials for rugs is one option but if you still want warmth and a soft, luxurious texture underfoot then you can opt for the tropical inspired patterns, the oversized leaves and vines.

Making the old into something new

There is a trend that is here to stay and it is no surprise when you see how we are looking to upcycle and re-use items. Rugs for 2014, in all styles and colours, can be a great way of pulling together any items of furniture you have ‘rescued’ and ‘saved’. This article, great for showing us how and why upcycling is a great thing to do is truly inspiring

Throwing off the shackles of the grey winter is something that is done consciously; upcycling and recycling, adding colour, muted or bright, is one way of doing this. Take a fresh look at your living space – how will you change it? Chris from The Rug Retailer has been writing about rugs and interior design for over a decade. Visit the blog to read more articles written by Chris.