Time for Bed


Deciding when to move your toddler from their cot into a bed can be a challenge, but there are plenty of lovely beds available to make that transition easier and an exciting event for both of you!  Here’s my pick of some of the loveliest beds to take your toddler to tween and have them loving their big bed!

The White company have lots of lovely kids furniture including little wardrobes as well as gorgeous beds that won’t break the bank, and will keep your kids safe while they are getting used to sleeping in a bed.

Try this Milford cot bed to make the transition to a big bed easier.


There’s also a lovely little wardrobe and plenty of beautiful bedding.

Or perhaps your little one would prefer a stunning bed from Chic Shack,

Their lovely Baltazar bed is a stylish sleigh version with the added bonus of a bit of height on the sides - which should help to prevent your little one falling out.

Or try these stunning Hampton bunks, again they have sides to prevent falls and look equally good as separate twin beds.


Opting for white is a great move as will go well with any décor you already have and it won’t date, so these beds will last your little ones into their tween years.