Tips for keeping your House Cool in the Summer


With the hottest summer on record upon us, it’s no surprise that we're enjoying the sun and making the most of the lovely weather. However, what’s not-so-lovely is the feeling that your house is one big, gigantic oven. Therefore keeping your house cool in the summer is no doubt on top of many people’s priority lists at the moment. We've put some tips together for how you can do just that. Some of them may even surprise you.


Optimising your windows

As soon as we start to feel the heat in our homes, the first port of call is to open a window. However, this may actually be a mistake as you may just be letting more warm air in. Instead, invest in air conditioning or good fans, and open the windows at night when it’s cooler to circulate cooler, fresher air.

Opting for white curtains or blinds can be a really good technique if you're looking to update them too, as this will reflect heat away from the house, in the opposite way that dark curtains will absorb heat. You can check out light curtain fabric collections online if you're looking to update your curtains on the cheap, too.

Lighting aspects

Even the lighting you choose can have an effect on the temperature of your home. Incandescent light bulbs can produce as much heat as they do light, so it’s worth investing in some energy star rated bulbs when replacing them as they produce 75% less heat.

Turning your lights off where possible will also help, as will keeping any electronic devices switched off when not in use.


Installing awnings

Awnings are a really useful way to keep certain rooms in your home cooler as they help to shield your home from the sun’s powerful rays. They’re also great if you like sitting in your garden a lot but would like a bit more shade.

Air conditioner considerations

If you’re investing in an air conditioning unit this summer, make sure you do your research so that your investment is not a waste of time and money. Several studies have found that most central air conditioning systems are oversized by 50 percent or more, so ensure that the one you opt for is the right size for your home.

They also require a lot of maintenance to keep them working at an optimum level. They will require regular cleaning to keep the air flowing at an efficient level. There’s a useful tutorial for that here.


Reducing indoor humidity

As briefly mentioned above, the activities you partake in inside your home will also have an effect on the temperature. Turning off electrical appliances will help to reduce the heat, as will other small changes you and your family can make.

Things like taking showers instead of baths can help, and only cooking hot meals during the evening when it’s cooler than in the middle of the day. Only using your washing machine when you have a full load is really useful too.