Tips, Themes and Colour Schemes for the Bathroom of your Dreams

Even the most loving families are not immune to a little domestic scheming: The daily battle for the bathroom or the fight for that coveted morning shower can encourage all kinds of improvisation: Otherwise harmonious spouses may stealthily set their alarm clocks half an hour early or the sweetest of siblings may engage in crazed corridor kerfuffles. To avoid this raucous ritual and keep the peace among your loved ones, it may be time to add another bathroom to your home. Whether you're converting a basement, a spare room or planning an expansion, there are several factors to consider when building a bathroom:

Marble Bathroom

Design with a purpose

Of course, plumbing is the most essential component of any bathroom. Know your measurements and think carefully about exactly where you want to place the sink, toilet and shower/bathtub, since any changes you want to make after the plumber's started working are bound to be expensive and timely.

Accessibility is an important design consideration. After you've mapped out the various plumbing components, take the room for a dry run. Place a kitchen chair where the toilet will be, lay down in the spot where the tub will soon sit and, like Goldilocks, don't be satisfied until things are 'just right.'

Heart Home magazine by James Balston

Themes you won't tire of

When choosing a theme for your bathroom design, it's wise to think a few years into the future. Yes, an 'under the sea' concept may seem like a good idea now, but will that shell-shaped light fixture and oceanic wall mural stand the test of time? Instead, dream up broader concepts that you won't tire of. For example, maybe elegant minimalist suits your style or perhaps you prefer rustic, with splashes of colour. Pick a colour scheme that serves the overall design concept, such as shades of white for the minimalist approach or vivid chartreuse feature walls for a clean, contemporary look.

Heart Home magazine by Patrick Butler Madden

Call in the experts

Bathroom builds leave plenty of room for DIY, but when it comes to the plumbing and wiring, that's probably a job for the pros. Hiring an electrician and plumber to fit your bathroom with the essentials will allow you to focus on the creative design elements.


Bathroom budgeting

Despite being a relatively small space, converting a cellar or loft into a bathroom is still a major project. For the project to run successfully, it helps to know exactly how much you're prepared to spend on it. Mapping out a budget first, whether you decide on savings or a loan to help pay for it, is an important first step.

So, with a bit of inspiration, some careful research and a bit of help from the pros, you can create that extra bathroom your family so desperately needs.

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