Top 4 best leather furniture

I have a penchant for a nice leather sofa or armchair and having torn sheets out of magazines or bookmarked products, I thought I would round-up the current best leather furniture in shops today... Top 4-best-leather-furniture

1. Moroccan Leather Pouffe in Dark Chocolate from Bohemia Design, £85. Featuring an antique rustic finish and handmade in Marrakech with exquisite embroidered design this is my favourite pouffe on the market and such a fantastic price.

2. Hendrix Sofa in saddle brown premium leather from, £799. "In butter soft premium leather with an aged feel for a bit of rock n' roll character, this looks fantastic now and will get even better over time." Better yet, this is made by a manufacturer who specialises in producing for luxury UK retailers, the pieces are all of the highest quality. Beware... there is a 10-14 week delivery time so you won't get it before Christmas!

3. Stirling Leather Chair in outback brown from John Lewis, £999. This chair has a cubed shape with deep button detailing and stained, buffed and waxed by hand to give an antique finish and as a result each chair has slightly different markings. Fab. Although more expensive than the sofa, this is a piece that will be with you forever.

4. Lawrence ottoman in vintage cigar brown leather, £539. A grand, long footstool featuring deep buttons and hand studded trim in a fabulous vintage leather, you might like to use this as a coffee table with a large, dark coloured tray placed at one end with an ice-cold G&T and the remote control. Heaven. Watch out once more as this has a 17 week wait time.