Update Your Home Flooring for a Summer of Entertaining

Revive your kitchen and dining area with just one update ready for a long, hot British summer and entertain your family and friends in your fresh, new space. carpertright1

Flooring is typically overlooked when thinking of ways to make a room modern and new, and most people tend to just do a subtle paint re-touch or buy a new collection of home accessories. To really give a room a long-term update, start (and finish) at the bottom. Yank up your tired, over-trampled carpet and lay down sleek laminate flooring for an amazing clean, brand-new feel to the room.


Barbeque season is just around the corner and a sparkling entertaining space is the best excuse to continue the summer revelries beyond the daylight hours with nothing more than a quick sweep up the morning after!


Why not go ultra-contemporary and opt for a sleek white oak laminate to really get that minimalist feel of now? Or if understated chic is more your style, a rustic finish creates a really effective vintage look, perfect for a relaxed summertime mood.


For a lively household that’s not shy of the hustle and bustle of friends and the passing through of active kids, especially in the warmer months, laminate is perfect for its durability and low maintenance; you really do need nothing more than a brush up after a long evening of food and frivolity!