Urban design in your home

Urban is a buzzword we hear a lot at the moment. Whether it’s music or interior designs we can’t escape from the influence it seems to have on our daily lives. But when it comes to interior design, how do you get the urban look? And what does it really mean? Many associate it with a New York style loft apartment, but it can be anything which reflects the urban setting many of us live in. Whether you opt for some new furniture, some carefully designed pleated blinds or some urban art there are various ways you can achieve this look. Here are just a few. Urban-design-in-your-home-2

Furniture Modern and minimalist furniture is perfect. Look for clean lines in seating areas and a few carefully and well placed decorative items. Try and use simple forms and allow plenty of space. Urban living is all about space, height and hopefully views. Try and maximise these three things through your choice of décor.

Bare floors and walls To achieve the urban look, try and bring the industrial nature of city life into your living space. Exposed brick and bare floors give an unfinished look which is key to this style. Hardwood flooring is perfect. To soften this in sitting and relaxing areas try and add some rugs to match the décor.


Simple window treatments Big thick curtains are not an aspect associated with urban living. Opt for simple blinds that enable you to appreciate the view fully but also provide a little privacy when needed. Made to measure blinds are ideal as they’ll offer very clean lines and work perfectly with the window space you have.

Colour and artwork An urban apartment doesn’t just have to have blacks, greys and industrial finishes. You can choose furniture with a touch of colour and adorn the walls with colourful artwork – some intriguing modern art is ideal. You can also introduce some colour through pillows and decorative décor for display areas.


Lighting If you have a big space with open windows you can really benefit from the natural light pouring through the windows. When the evening comes, make sure you have ample lighting throughout the home. If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, floor lamps that extend over your sofa are a nice touch.

Bring nature in Urban living can include some greenery, so don’t be afraid to bring a little nature indoors.