Utterly Gorgeous Unorthadox Chandeliers

We believe the key to great interior design is keeping things fresh and unique. It makes a statement that this is your home and it’s one of a kind, whilst also leaving a lasting impression in the minds of those who visit. That isn’t to say you need to completely overhaul everything you own in order to get that one-of-a-kind feel. There are much more subtle ways to achieve this; one of them being your use of lighting; ceiling lights in particular.  

Check out this Dar chandelier from their Cleo range. Dar is a designer that seamlessly merges traditional and contemporary, often resulting in these beautiful statement pieces. Its cubist form would work well in a minimalist apartment as well as a more traditional home.

For the more daring who fancy making a bigger statement, Leitmotiv has designed this striking wine bottle chandelier. The chandelier does have smaller versions, but this would work so well in a rustic Italian-style kitchen, dominated with wooden and organic colours.

Wofi’s Sevilla 24-light chandelier is something to behold, resembling a nest of writhing black cobras or the hydra of Greek mythology. This leans more towards ambience, and it’s not going to be cheap, but it’s a gorgeous piece nonetheless