Vintage for your home

One of the reasons I love vintage so much is that often it is unique but without the price tag that comes with bespoke.  Whilst once upon a time buying vintage was a very affordable way to update your home (often you could buy better quality for less) this has changed over the last 5 or so years, but, there are bargains to be had if you keep your eyes peeled. For me though it’s that thrill of the hunt to unearth a quality nostalgic piece of design that keeps feeding my desire to spend time at carboot sales, vintage fairs, auction rooms and hunting online. Sourcing Vintage_Mary Middleton Design

Whilst vintage shopping is clearly "green" there is also so much variety. It’s fun to put things together in interesting ways particularly if you paid very little for something. I’m a sucker for vintage lighting and vintage chairs and rarity makes it all the more exciting. I unearthed a Danish 1950’s rocker in appalling state at an antique’s fair; it’s currently at my upholsterer’s having a facelift. It was a bargain and I am thrilled, as no one else is likely to have this item.

Vintage chairs & lights_Mary Middleton Design

One of my favourite sources for vintage lighting is SkinFlint Design. I love the industrial fittings that they regularly have in stock, they look like they’ve lived a little and have a story to tell.

Skinflint design lighting

I always keep an eye on ebay but to be honest it hasn’t been so successful for me recently. I’ve had much more luck at a personal favourite the Brighton Marina Car boot.

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A word to the wise though, if you buy vintage lighting at a carboot sale or similiar make sure to get it checked by a qualified electrician.