Vintage textiles from Parna


I'm currently obsessed with vintage textiles. Beautifully faded cushions, delicately embroidered tablecloths, and super-soft old patchwork quilts - I love them all. You might think you'd have to travel to hidden-away vintage shops to rifle through these treasures, but there's a wonderful website that lets you replicate the experience online. It's called Parna. Hand Embroidered Cross Stitch Cushion from Parna

They source the most amazing vintage, antique, and artisan-made textiles from central and Eastern Europe, working with master craftspeople who’s skills are in danger of dying out. Nearly everything they sell is a one-off or limited edition.

There's a huge assortment of linen and hemp rolls of fabric in different colours. I love this vintage hand-loomed hemp, which is over 60 years old. It would be so beautiful as a table-cloth or runner.

Vintage hand loomed hemp from Parna

There's also a great selection of traditionally Indigo resist-dyed fabric, like this vintage linen sheet with a delicate daisy pattern.

Parna Indigo Resist Dyed Vintage Sheet

These hand-loomed rush bags are made by master crafters, from rush harvested from the River Tisza in Hungary.

Hand loomed rush bag by Parna

There's even more on their website, including vintage folk costumes,  hand-cut felt cushions, and hand-spun hemp and cord. Warning: you may lose several hours while browsing this site, not to mention day-dreaming about the perfect French farmhouse to decorate with all these beautiful textiles.