Wall Art From Nature

Hannah Brown comes from a background in textiles and she loves fabrics but she also produces some stunning and unusual wall art. Each piece is individual and made by hand by Hannah.  She started off by making things purely out of frustration at not finding what she wanted elsewhere and she likes to produce decorative art by capturing and framing objects from nature that possess not only a history but also an aesthetic.

hannah brown interiors 6

These beautiful pressed orchids from Thailand are encased in two pieces of glass allowing your wall colour to show through.


hannah brown interiors 5

The Framed Quail Eggs are blown and framed in a dark waxed wooden surround with glass.  Available in a light or dark finish.

hannah brown interiors 4

Beautiful Autumn smoke tree leaves also between glass.

hannah brown interiors 2

Framed Black Sea fan - (ENVIRONMENTAL NOTE :- This Sea Fan is a Gorgonian, it is not a protected species and is grown through aquaculture.)

We think they also would also make very unique gifts for someone special.

Available from Hannah Brown Interiors.