Wallography - here's the science bit

Being from an architectural background I do enjoy a good section and elevation from time to time, so the wall charts from Wallography really captured my attention.

Wallography produce educational wall charts that are also works of art in themselves. They come from a background of searching for wall art and have just begun selling online with a beautiful selection of wall hangings ranging from a horse to an apple tree.

Some of the wall hangings were originally produced as educational wall charts as early as the 1800's, and are then printed today by the same family using the same process as in the 1950's.

The charts are made from paper mounted on canvas and fitted with wooden rods, nylon cord and fabric tie. The quality of the paper is excellent and has some weight to it, making it feel like a proper work of art.


Wallography services a range of tastes and rooms, you could have the Garden Pea in your kitchen and maybe a Large White ButterflyΒ for the bedroom.


They have plans to add a vintage section soon where they will showcase all of their other findings over the years of searching for wall art. I love the scientific nature of these pictures along with their historical dept.