Flat Shots

Inari, Sandersons

Mandarin Flowers, Sandersons

From the new collections at London Design Week, the wallpapers and fabrics were the most beautiful. Patterns made in watercolours, drawing with big wet brushes and the colours allowed to bleed and blend into one another. The inspiration is from Japanese watercolours, pottery and ink paintings. Poppies are a favorite, tulips, cherry blossoms and hydrangeas. I can imagine these in many different rooms, so pretty for a living room, one chair covered in a splash of poppies. Or in a bedroom, a wall lined with a shower of tulips. Or freshen up a kitchen or bathroom with a roman shade of hydrangeas. These prints are very pretty, feminine and charming and easy to live with, they will be a lovely touch to any palette.

Camilla, Romo

Fleur, Romo

Tulipa, Romo

I can easily see these in a room of neutrals, grays and black and these fresh floral prints being the accent on a wall, a chair or a window, that would make it contemporary.