We Love Vintage Chairs

Vintage Nursery Chair

The current trend for vintage and retro interiors is showing no sign of slowing down. Something personally I am thrilled to see, as I do have a bit of a thing for objects with history. There will be many of you I'm sure that share my insatiable appetite for all things with an element of nostalgia.

Chairs are a classic example of where you can accessorize your home, bringing in a one-off piece and creating a statement. This antique wooden side chair has an amazing quality, it just oozes character with it’s knots and dents, proudly showing off it’s personal history. Painting it in a graphite paint has brought it back in line with the current trend of monochrome (another interiors fashion I'm fully embracing at the moment)

Antique side chair from peastyle

There is also an array of vintage pieces out there for the little members of the family, some are almost too cute for words and as I’m running with the chair theme, I thought I would show you these adorable Nursery School Chairs that came out of a disused school in South Wales. Little ones just can’t resist playing school at home and these chairs give them the perfect prop.

Vintage Nursery School Chair from peastyle

Enjoy searching for those treasures out there and accessorizing your home with some vintage chairs. Both of these chairs are from an online treasure trove www.peastyle.co.uk who you can also follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram