Wednesday Wants: 1950s Advertising Prints

I may just be irritated by the wait for Mad Men Series 5 (I so miss Joan and her sassy style) or perhaps I'm being influenced by the emergence of pastels, print and 50s Americana trends (guess who's been hiding from the cold reading fashion magazines). However this week, I'm lusting after vintage advertising prints from the 1950s. I love the bright colours and vibrancy of the post-war design aesthetic. First up, I heart this typewriter ad (if only to stop myself from investing a princely sum in a typewriter I'll never use):


Am also rather fond of this very retro ad from Harrods:


I'm struck by how present-day the prints in this ad for Horrockses feel:


....and in this ad for Heal's too (particularly like the yellow print):


All prints shown are available for just £5.99 each from Vinmag (who also have a shop on Brewer Street, London and another in Brighton).

For original prints, Paperdolls on Etsy also sell a nice selection for $11 each.