Wednesday Wants: Alice Tait illustrated maps


Map-reading TERRIFIES me. It may be my lack of spatial awareness or just an ingrained fear (due to countless on-the-road arguments: eg. "Look, I'm sorry, map reading just isn't my forte. I thought we were over here").  Hand me an A-Z and I'm a panicky, confused idiot. Which makes it rather funny that one of my favourite things in the world is an illustrated map. Perhaps it's the simplification and de-mystification or maybe they just look nice. In any event, my favourite illustrated maps are drawn by the wonderfully talented Alice Tait.

You'll probably recognise Alice's work from Harrods advertising, Vogue magazine (who commissioned her to create a beauty map of the world) and multiple Penguin books including Nigel Slater's Real Cooking.

You can buy her gorgeous maps direct from her online shop for just £19 each (A3).


What's more, gift card versions of these marvellous maps are also available from most larger WH Smiths.