Wednesday Wants: Bright Buys

john lewis reborn desk

As the old IKEA advert went, in 2012, I'm going to chuck out the chintz. And in it's place, I'm going BRIGHT. Forget colour pop, I'm going for nuclear colour explosion. Of course this may all (literally) go out the window when I have my first hangover of 2012. Nevetheless, check out my current bright best buys:

  1. Shower Mat, £6.99 from H&M
  2. Tate Modern Print, £65 from Vic Lee
  3. Red London Bus Salt and Pepper Shakers, £5.99 from The Contemporary Home
  4. Candle, £4.99 from H&M
  5. Reborn Loft Desk, £225 from John Lewis
  6. Orange Finn Stone Ball Chair, £144 from Bodie and Fou
  7. Heart Spatula, £15 from Urban Outfitters


Have you seen any more brilliant brights that'll tickle my taste buds? Or, do you have any other New Year's resolutions for your home?