Wednesday Wants: Design classic candles

edc glitter candles

So that's Valentine's out of the way for another year. How was it for you? If you were disappointed by garage-bought flowers and a rush-written card, fear not - there's still tons of romance to be squeezed out of this winter. Let's not cave to the corporate machine - we can be romantic for more than a day (and we know how to do it without Clinton's showing us the way)! And it needn't be that tricky either. What is it about candles that creates instant romantic atmosphere? Perhaps it's the softness of the light that takes your beloved out of sharp and critical focus. Perhaps it's the soothing calm flicker of the flame. Or maybe we've all been conditioned to believe that candle light = time for romance by repeated film and TV cliches. In any event, in this bitingly cold weather, create some mood lighting with my pick of design classic (or soon to be classic) candles:

  1. Glitter tealight, £10.50 from EDC London
  2. Blue bulldog candle, £20.99 by Bougies La Francaise at Selfridges
  3. Build your own Candlestacks, £325 by Wolf & Badger x Victoria Delany on Culture Label
  4. Etch Candle Holder, £30 by Tom Dixon
  5. Orange Tarantula Tealight holder, £16 by DesignedMade x Jonathan Krawczuk on Culture Lavel
  6. Kilim candle by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood, £25 at Selfridges
  7. Yellow skull candle, £80 by D. L. & Co. at Selfridges
  8. Same as 1