Wednesday Wants: Feature Stools

Stools are the oft-overlooked family of seats. You'll not often hear someone waxing lyrical about a stool like you might about a Chesterfield or an Antelope chair. However, I've been hunting down some marvellous feature stools that may well become the talking point of your home. Afterall, it's summer time when the portable stool really comes into its own for impromptu BBQs (seeing as our summer is likely to be blink-and-you'll-miss-it - the minute the sun comes out we'll all be racing for the barbie). A stool is a seating option with freedom. First up is the Dandelion stool from DesignK (inspired by the flower). Perfect for blending into your garden. Available in a range of colours for £245 from Bouf:

Now, I know many of you may be getting sick of Jubilee paraphernalia but this stool is gorgeous for June and beyond. By Made with Love, available for £145 from Bouf:

A stool may not be the most supportive choice when sozzled however this oversized champagne cork is charming (£110 from Bouf):

And speaking of sparkles, add some to your home with the Kartell Stone Stool (range of colours for £133 from Heal's):

For something a little more sensible (and child appropriate), I love this book stool by Leewadee. Lovely for a library (£69.90 from Amazon).

And finally, if you must buy paper magazines (as opposed to just reading Heart Home), why not put old copies to good use by making a magazine stool (buy the strap for £23 from Made in Design):