Wednesday Wants: Fun finds for kids

aeroplane spoon

The childless amongst us will not be aware that something important is happening next week. It's not the Jubilee. It's not the onward journey of the Olympic flame. No my friends: it's half-term. Planned to coincide with the double bank holiday, for some mothers, half term prompts the desparing question: "what the hell am I going to DO with them for a WEEK?!" Rather than sharing more Jubilee picks (read *tat*), for this week's Wednesday Wants, I've been looking at fun design products created with kids in mind from German design house, Donkey.

First up, these beautifully bright, "here comes the aeroplane" spoons (12.95 EUR, variants also available from Oliver Bonas)

Next, I rather liked these mechanical twiddle forks for the tricky business of eating spaghetti (9.95 EUR):

If you're spending the bank holiday working....or if you want them to get their sticky paws off your iPad, give them their very own wooden laptop (requires chalk input....but doES mean you can design your own keyboard - 39.95 EUR):

Or if you're catching up on DIY, involve your very best helpers with this knitted drill (which comes with a "bruise free guarantee" - 24.95 EUR):

Finally (I couldn't resist the Jubilee-bug), give them a right royal bath time with this crown sponge and wand (I realise a wandย isn't typically associated with our Liz however she's got to be carrying SOMETHING in that omnipresent handbag of hers).

Wishing you all a marvellous Jubilee long weekend!