Wednesday Wants: Interiors you can draw on...

doodle pillow case

It doesn't matter how many Moleskines I buy, when a critical moment of inspiration comes, I can never find a piece of paper to capture it. Yes, iPhones are all very well but sometimes you need to draw something or need to keep something where you can see it (without being distracted by Facebook). So, it was with great excitement that I stumbled upon the Doodle range of products from British independent, Stitch. Using special pens, you simply doodle on, wash off. There's a whole range of products however stand out favourites for me are the pillow cases for sweet nothings (or shopping lists: £14.95 each)...


...with a special 'secret message' section:

Doodle place mats (£19.95 each) to remove the need for place cards...or nagging DIY to-do lists:

And finally, the Doodle table cloth (£35 for a medium sized one):

Special Doodle pens are just £5 each. So, what would you draw?