Wednesday Wants: January Sales home picks


It's at this time of year that I thank my lucky stars for the invention of "buying online". Yes, yes, waiting for a delivery can be a pain and enduring post offices for returns requires the patience of a saint. However, it's in January that online shopping really comes into its own by permitting the evasion of my idea of hell on earth: The January Sales. Not only are the shops heaving and in complete disarray, other shoppers adopt "sales tunnel vision" and perhaps worst of all, you find yourself quite bonkers with "look at that discount" delirium. However, I've happily (and rationally) been browsing the sales from the comfort of my sofa. So, I thought I'd make the sales even more of a breeze for you by sharing my top picks of the sales so far:


  1. 'Pieces of Yesterday' Mirror, £59.95 (reduced from £128) from Anthropologie (made using vintage tile squares)
  2. Retro Harrods furniture advertising print, £16.16 (from £17.95) from Culture Label
  3. APC 'Semiologie' pillow in Zig Zag, £39.95 (reduced from £58) from Anthropologie (made from French quilts and off-cuts from APC shirts)
  4. 'Epice' jar, £2.95 (from £4) from Anthropologie
  5. Egmont Mushroom lamp, £59.50 (reduced from £70) from Bodie and Fou
  6. Zafina Ceiling Lantern in Lapis, £40 (reduced from £80) from John Lewis
  7. 'Twitcher'cushion, £6 (from £12) from Habitat


Have you bagged any sale bargains? Do share here (obviously once you've purchased....don't want to be pipped at the post, do you?)