Wednesday Wants: Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards

Joseph Joseph Elvis Worktop Saver

I like Joseph Joseph kitchenware a lot. Which is odd as I don't even like cooking. Yes, I realise this is something a lady should never admit but truth be told, I'm a bit frightened of the kitchen (too many near death experiences). Run by twin brothers Richard and Anthony, Joseph Joseph was established in 2003 and offers brilliantly innovative and effortlessly stylish kitchenware. Their brightly coloured, space saving accessories make being in the kitchen a significantly more pleasant and pain-free experience (even for someone like me).

Top of my Joseph Joseph lust list are these chopping boards on which they really flexed their fun muscle:

This vinyl record one is my fave:

Or how about this Elvis one; who knew The King could look so tasty?


Or get patriotic with this fruity Union Jack one (it is the year of the Olympics and the Golden Jubilee afterall):


What's more, these are all on sale now at Selfridges (reduced from between £14-16 to £11-12).