Wednesday Wants: Letterpress Notecards

archivist letterpress card - typewriter

Words, words, words. They're everywhere. Perhaps even more so given our recent obsession with everything typography. Of course I understand that words are ruddy useful and can be beautiful too, especially if they're hand-written ones. In fact, there's little better in the world than receieving an unexpected note, penned by someone who cares enough about you to buy (or make) a card, write it, lick a stamp and pop it in a post box (when so many free or more convenient methods are on offer). So this week, I urge you to spread a little mid-March cheer with some marvellous mail of the snail variety. Down tools on Twitter, log off from Facebook, step away from your email and send someone you love a little notecard, just to say hello. And better still, make it one of these gorgeous wordless letterpress cards from Archivist, so that its your very own hand-written words that do the talking.


Cards available for Β£1.35 each, direct from Archivist. A treasure trove of designs are available for every occasion so do go and have a browse.