Wednesday Wants: Liberty Print Shower Caps

So, it's official: last month was the wettest June on record. And looking at this week's weather forecast, it's looking likely to continue (Thames Water underestimated the power of tempting fate when their advertising claimed: "we can't make it rain"). However, I reckon, it's time to stop whinging about it and look on the bright (ahem) side. If you put aside all wishful thinking about picnics and BBQs and non-boggy festivals and fetes, it is a little bit funny. At a time when Great Britain is on the world stage, our weather system well and truly lives up to stereotype. Perhaps if we all stop whinging about the rain, it'll get bored and stop?

So today's Wednesday Wants is all about embracing our summer showers. Today I'm lusting after Liberty print shower caps. Yes, I realise they're intended for the shower in your bathroom, however when they're this pretty (and given how quick the weather changes), why not keep one in your bag?

There's the pink Wiltshire print above.... and the turquoise Betsy print below:

And my favourite, the purple Meadow print:

All available for Β£15 each from Liberty.