Wednesday Wants: Milan Design Week Seat Picks

lee broom salon chair

Last week marked my very first Milan Design Week. And what an experience it was. In three all too-short days, I scampered all over Milan, sustained by copious carbohydrates and generous (read *enormous*) helpings of gelato. When I got home, as I tiredly browsed through my photos, I found that a rather large proportion of my snaps were of seats (this may be a reflection of the fact I was dying for a "sit down and a pizza"). A lot of these snaps actually featured Heart Home's Katie however as she'll kill me if I share them, here are my top Milan Design Week seat picks (sans-Katie).....

First up, is this beautiful creation from the inimitable (and very lovely) Lee Broom. In the Ventura Lambrate district, he re-created a traditional pub, complete with branded beer crates and wood panelling. But I didn't need my beer goggles to fall for this buttery soft, studded Salon Armchair.

For more on Lee's exhibit, take a look at Heart Home Editor Arianna's write up here.

Next, any city-dweller (or in fact anyone not in possession of a country mansion), will know that making the most of a space, while not making it look cluttered is tricky. So I loved Arkimera's simple and sleek 'Layout' which combines a bench with a sofa:

Finally, I may have squeaked a bit in Salone Satellite upon seeing this Bambi chair by Kamina + C:


If you were in Milan (or following it from home), do share your favourites too....