Wednesday Wants: Rock 'n' Roll Kitchenware

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a rock'n'roller? Know your Stone Roses from your Rolling Stones? Whether you do or if you're like me and just pretend, how about adding a bit of edge to your kitchen with these rocking accessories. First up, add a bit of function to your air guitar by turning it into a grate guitar (£10, Urban Outfitters).

Or get a bit wild with the saucepan with this guitar spatula (£10, Urban Outfitters)

Make high tea for rock royalty with this vinyl tea stand (around £20, Etsy)

And after all that's done, wash up like a rocker too with these Tuff Dish rubber gloves (£10, Urban Outfitters)

Mind you, if you were really rock 'n' roll, you'd probably just smash the plates.....

Or, if your kitchen can't handle the rock or the roll, head over to the W Hotel in Leicester Square where they serve the W Rock Tea on vinyl cake stands just like above (and the menu is suitably rock-themed too).