Wednesday Wants: Something Different for Valentine's Day

my favourite husband print

Valentine's Day was clearly invented to cheer us all up in the miserable post-Christmas months. It's cold, it's dark, no one's got any money so let's snuggle up and be grateful for our significant others. Now, while a card, roses and a hearty meal (see what I did there) might be sufficient for the love of your life, why not surprise them this year with something different.

For this week's Wednesday Wants, I've rounded up my favourite Valentine's gift picks. You won't find anything soppy here. But perhaps a little bit of fun.

First up, is this brilliant print by The B Team on Notonthehighstreet (£9.75). Favourite wife, boyfriend and pasttime also available.


Or if you and your partner are into a bit of digital geekery, how about this QR code print that when scanned using a smart phone reveals the word 'Love' (romance for the 21st century, eh). Available for $15 from Etsy.


Mark out your territory in the bedroom too (minds out of the gutter, please) with these Twisted Twee "My side, your side" pillowcases (£24 from Notonthehighstreet).


Or,  why not listen to sweet music together with this heart shaped headphone splitter from Paperchase (£5).


And finally, how about this heart shaped mouse (who needs roses to show your colleagues someone loves you?) Available for £9.99 from IWOOT.


Did any of these tickle your Valentine's fancy? If so, feel free to tweet this link to drop a large Twitter shaped hint!