Wednesday Wants: Special birthday presents

MT Washi Masking Tape Five Rolls Wrapped In Glassine Paper - Sweet I

The arrival of Autumn brings with it the onslaught of September and October birthdays (there's more births now than at any other time of year). Maybe this is due to clever forward planning by parents for the academic year, or maybe just a result of increased affection (ahem) over Christmas and New Year. Whatever the reason, with all these birthdays, this week's Wednesday Wants is all brilliant birthday presents. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine turned 30 and to mark the occasion, I wanted to get her something special. So, I decided to create a birthday hamper filled with thirty smaller presents. This obviously gets trickier as the years increase however the end result was a present that felt big while containing lots of smaller personalised touches (that you normally wouldn't give as it wouldn't feel enough). And it needn't cost the earth either.

To start with, I got a reasonably priced hamper from Virginia Hayward (different sizes available in the region of £20). As my friend is buying a new house, the first bit was easy: I did mad trolley dash in Anthropologie and amongst other things bought a set of latte bowls (£3.50 each):

....and this Natural World Bugs plate (£16):

I also added in some personalised stationary and one of these Knock Knock pads (there's tons of v. funny versions, available on Amazon too):

..and some crafty bits like this MT masking tape (around £15 from various sellers on Amazon):


Then lastly, I put in some personalised jewellery and to make up the numbers, I added chocolates, cakes and a few small joke presents (including a cockroach - don't ask).

So, why not give this a go yourself for the next big birthday of someone you love?