Wednesday Wants: Unique Christmas Gifts

Now, stay calm everyone.....there's just 18 days until Christmas. Have you got your Christmas shopping wrapped up (poor pun totally intended)? If you're still on the hunt, today's 'Wednesday Wants' are some ideas for unique gifts that can be personalised. All three come from Suck UK, the brilliantly innovative and witty design house. First up is the Picturebook frame (£12) which is, quite simply, a frame for your favourite book. Find out a friend's favourite novel, buy a lovely Penguin version (tons available on Amazon) and bob's your uncle - a thoughtful, personalised present:

Next, is the Paper Watch (£7.50). Sounds a bit ridiculous but actually very fun. Got a friend that's always late? Write something suitably threatening on it to ensure it never happens again! Can't afford to buy your loved one that Chanel / TAG / Rolex? Make your own!


Finally, make a mix tape for the tensies (is that what follows noughties?) with this Mix Tape USB (£20).

You can buy all of Suck UK's products online. But if you're reading this on Friday 23rd (naughty, naughty), pop into their shop in the Oxo tower or alternatively, Suck UK products are also available in Maiden and The Design Museum Shop.