Wednesday Wants: Unique egg cups

lladro egg cup 2

Easter is now just over 2 weeks away and for the first time in my life, the thing I'm looking forward to most isn't a multi pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs from the Easter Bunny. I may just be getting old however the thing I'm most excited about is being at home with the family, gathered together from across the globe, spending time together over real eggs in the morning. And so I find myself bringing you not my recommendations on Easter eggs*, but a round up of some very special egg cups. Because, my friends, the important thing is not only how you have your eggs, but how you dress them.

If you're feeling decadent, take a look at this porcelain and 24 carat gold egg cup from Lladro. It's not cheap at £58.99 but with the non-traditional diagonal egg positioning, you'll do away with the annoying problem of yolk dribbling down the side:

Or, add a splash of glorious colour with this egg saucer, £12.50 from YoYo ceramics on Notonthehighstreet:

Regular readers of my blog will have seen me rabbiting on about these Quail egg cups before however if you haven't already, do check out their full range of super-sweet animal egg cups, £10.95 each at Liberty:

Also at Liberty, seeing as it's the Diamond Jubilee this year, why not get patriotic with your egg and solidiers with this Royal Stafford egg cup, available for £5.50:

And finally, whoever said an egg cup had to be curvy? This egg cube from Bodie and Fou (£24) is a rather neat design-solution, with space at the bottom to hold your teaspoon:


*Oh, and PS: If you are after tried and tested Easter egg reviews, I can certainly help. Tweet at me (how apt for Easter) using the hashtag #whoatealltheeggs.