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Banded Agate iPhone Weston Case

Tourmaline iPhone Weston Case Banded Agate iPhone Weston Case

So you finally got that new iPhone for Christmas, huh? Well, a couple of weeks have passed, you still can't get Siri to understand your mildly regional accent, the back is getting scratched, and let's not even get started on the whole iCloud thing.

Forget your technical woes: sure, when you instruct said phone to remind you to take that pie out of the freezer it inexplicably texts your boyfriend's Mum, but one thing you can do without fear of mishap is deck it out in a pretty case. Richard Weston, of Weston Scarves (yes - as seen on Britain's Next Big Thing on the BBC last year and stocked exclusively at Liberty) has branched out. Not content with having a successful range of scarves stocked in store plus owning the most charmingly unlikely back story (Professor of Architecture at Cardiff University with a penchant for scanning and magnifying minerals and fossils-turned-Fashion Superstar, who found out about the Liberty Open Call via Radio 4's Today programme,) his now almost-iconic patterns are currently adorning a selection of phone cases for said Apple device, plus the Blackberry, also exclusively at Liberty. Go forth and glam up your dog 'n' bone. Just don't tell Siri. He wouldn't understand... *

Siberian Charoite Weston Case

Rhodochrosite iPhone Weston Case

iPhone cases, Β£33 each, Richard Weston for LibertyΒ 

*PS - I'm just kidding, Apple. I love my new phone and Siri understands me perfectly. Most of the time.