What's Love got to do with it?

Some people are obsessed by shoes, others go gaga for bags and I know the baubles and trinkets of costume jewellery make some people’s day. Whilst my first job may have been in a swanky shoe shop (and yes I do have a soft spot for expensive shoes) my first pay packet went towards one of my LOVES. I purchased a light. It might seem strange a 16 year old going out and buying a new lamp but I had been obsessively cutting out pictures. Things haven’t changed; I still obsess over lights today (oh and chairs). I love going to interiors and lighting events/showrooms and lusting after wonderful pendants, being wowed by wall sconces and getting giddy over table and standard lamps.ochre seed cloud detail So imagine my glee when I came across this beauty at the recently opened Ochre showroom last week. Called Seed Cloud there is a stunning pendant and a wonderful wall light in the range as well as custom options. The pendant is made up 114 seeds, each cast in solid bronze and containing the glass bud with the tiny LED bulb. It is a sight to behold and I really want to see it in the dark to see how the light bounces and reflects. ochre seed cloud pendant   ochre seed cloud wall To see it in person visit OCHRE, 46-47 Britton Street, London EC1M 5UJ (just round the corner from Farringdon tube)