Whiteout: What White Flooring Can Do For Your Home

The colour white is often a go-to for ceilings and walls, but have you ever thought about white for the floor? White is a great colour because it is so versatile and can create a diverse range of looks, making it ideal to use throughout the house.

So why not treat your floor to all the benefits white has to offer?


In the hall A gleaming white hallway welcomes visitors into what feels like a bright and airy home. All white hallways feel fresh and modern, giving guests a great first impression.

Dark furniture creates a great contrast and adding a few colourful accessories is a simple way to achieve balance.

inthehallImage from House to Home

In the bedroom For a vintage feel in the bedroom, opt for fabulous flooring that evokes old wine and fruit crates for a rustic feel.

Alternatively, go for white laminate flooring and team with antique furniture. Beautiful laminate flooring looks identical to wood, gives an authentic sound underfoot and is incredibly easy to maintain.

inthebedroom In the kitchen If you want to create a cutting edge kitchen, there’s nothing like white to give it a truly contemporary feel. Home to countless appliances, it’s easy for this high traffic room to feel cluttered but white can combat this by really opening it up.

Importantly, white is a ‘clean’ colour, which is crucial in a room where food is regularly prepared!

InthekitchenImage from: zeointerior