Wishful thinking and making your garden “weather” proof

Being outside in the sunshine is something that’s hardwired into us Brits. I “blame” my parents thrusting me out into the garden with “why are you indoors? Go play outside” as a kid. In fairness, it’s a natural urge to want to experience the sun on your face and the warmth on your bones. We haven’t had much opportunity for sunshine recently; in fact the No.1 trending Internet search in the UK yesterday was the weather. Making your outdoor space inviting in mixed weather isn’t as difficult as you might expect.  Below are some ideas to make your garden a modern inviting space practical in all weather. A really good tip is garden chairs that have drainage holes in or that are easy to tip the moisture off of and a garden light instead of candles (particularly given how windy its been).

1) Fermob luxembourg table  2) mydeco Flower parasol  3) Fatboy Edison petit lamp  4) Kartell Bubble club armchair

I have been known to even barbeque in the rain, so some essential kit is required.  If you have a large enough sunshade that’s water repellent you can also use it as an umbrella to keep you dry. Picnic blankets make great rugs over knees when the weather isn’t at its warmest.  If you have space a firepit or brazier will definitely keep the chill from the air.

Garden Essentials for all weathers

1) Weber premium BBQ blue wave 2) Chilewich outdoor floor rug 3) Lifestyle Prima Outdoor Fireplace 4) mydeco Polo picnic blanket

There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!