Yesterday's Tea ... Lunch & Dinner

You see that picture below of those patterned plates? Well, they were what I ate many of my childhood meals from. They were for everyday; the bowls and plates we used for breakfast, lunch and tea or dinner. Seeing its distinctive design again brings memories flooding back. Rushstone Sandwich Plates by Kathie Winkle for Broadhurst Pottery

We had another tea service too called English Scenic, which was a Habitat purchase and kept for best. English Scenic was a proper tea service. There were various sized plates, bowls, serving dishes, platters, tea cups and saucers, coffee cups and saucers and (my favourite) a coffee pot, which I thought of as the pinnacle of sophistication. We also had some red enamel dishes, again from Habitat, that were used exclusively for risotto and, a family favourite - macaroni cheese.

Every Saturday out would come a huge and rather heavy Le Creuset oval cassorole in which my mum would boil the Spaghetti for Spaghetti Bolognese. It was Volcanic orange, still I think the best hue in the Le Creuset colour spectrum. We’d have to wait for my dad to get home from watching his football team (Brentford FC if you’re asking) and then we’d sit down for a supper of the most delicious Spag Bol followed by Ice Cream topped with Ice Magic for pudding.

Needless to say, I love a bit of retro dinnerware mixed in with my practical white china. Some pieces might be used, others are purely for display, but either way I find it rather comforting and pleasing to have them in my kitchen. Below are some pieces that tick all the boxes for me. Some pieces are original, others are modern day products with a nod-and-a-wink to the 1970’s. Maybe there is something that will take you back down memory lane? I’d love hear if any do.

Retro Kitchenware Main image: Rushstone Sandwich Plates by Kathie Winkle for Broadhurst Pottery via

Above images: 1. Sagaform Teapot £26.99; 2. Le Cruset Shallow Casserole in Volcanic £116.00; 3. Räsymatto Teacup by Marimekko £14.00; 4. Blue Flower Mug by Blafre as seen at Pulse £12.00; 5. My Teapot by Auouk Jansen for Jansen+Co as seen at Pulse £44.99; 6. Clover Tray by Julia Nielsen £25.00 ; 7. Vintage Coffee Set by Colditz Pottery Germany £38.00; 8. Vintage Crown Devon Ceramic Storage Jars £20 each