You Wash, I'll Dry


I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't own a dishwasher. I never have and wouldn't even know how to use one. I'm sure they are a wonderful addition to a kitchen and I do love they way they make glasses sparkle, but I'm not too hot on appliances in the kitchen that don't 'look good' and to me dishwashers aren't that pretty. So, I do all my washing up by hand, the old-fashioned way. What this does mean is that I do need to ensure that I always have  a good stash of tea towels to hand. So for all those fellow dryer-uppers out there, here is my pick of stylish tea towels that are guaranteed to make drying up a little more bearable. They look pretty handsome draped over your oven door too when not in use.

Tea Towels

1. Kiss Me Quick Tea Towel, £11.00, | 2. Gentleman Gardener Tea Towel, £11.95, | 3. Darjeeling Tea Towel, £12.00, | 4. Fox Tea Towel, £11.50, |  5. Mrs Tea Towel, £9.95, | 6. Bird Tea Towel, £12.00, | 7. Meadow Bloom Tea Towel, £10.00, | 8. Mr Bear Tea Towel, £12.00, | 9.Ellipse Tea Towel, £19.00,