Bohemian Rhapsody from Mindthegap

Rooted in the region’s gypsy spirit and diverse ethnic heritage, Transylvanian lifestyle brand Mindthegap have launched the Nomad collection which is made up of six designs of fabrics. Fabulous as a wallcovering but also available in a range of upholstered furniture and cushions too.

Lakai Wallpaper 

Lakai Wallpaper 

A melting pot of folk-inspired craft and tradition, Nomad is an authentic and eclectic exploration of the patterns, motifs and cultures of travelling peoples from around the world. In an enticing palette of brick reds, ochre, earthy pinks and deep blues, the wallpaper collection combines the impact of a mural with traditional wallpaper repeats. While the heavyweight, rustically-textured printed linen is stonewashed for a vintage effect and handmade look.

Encapsulating Mindthegap’s unique artistic identity and bohemian approach to design, intriguing combinations include intricate Roma gypsy-inspired birds and florals, Hindustani elephants and explorers and graphic woven patterns from Eastern Asia.

“Somewhere deep in our hearts we are all hippies, free-spirited nomads wandering the world, taken by our dreams to unknown and marvelous places,” Mindthegap founder Stefan Ormenisan explains.

A world of creativity and free spirit, Nomad’s richly detailed hand-drawn patterns and unexpected colourways come together to create an encyclopedic history of gypsy culture and design.

  1. Vintage Linen Cushion - Nomad Black Bird.

  2. Vintage Linen Sofa - Nomad Gypsy Ochre.

  3. Vintage Linen Floor Cushion - Nomad Transylvania Folk.

  4. Vintage Linen Cushion - Nomad Patola.

  5. Vintage Linen Pouf - Nomad Gypsy Ochre.

  6. Vintage Linen Cushion - Nomad Transylvania Folk.

  7. Vintage Linen Armchair - Nomad Black Bird.

  8. Vintage Linen Cushion - Nomad Hindustan Aquamarine