Boho Bedroom Additions from Tikamoon

When the clocks roll back this autumn, we’ll be turning our attention to the great indoors: namely, the bedroom. As the primary place where we cocoon ourselves against the changing season, it needs to be a restful haven to escape to at the end of the working day.

From headboards to side tables, wardrobes to desks; design-led wooden furniture specialists Tikamoon have everything you need to create a calming sanctuary in your bedroom. Even better, all of their furniture comes pre-assembled: so you’ll spend less time grappling with flatpacks and Allen keys, and more time enjoying your new purchases!

[Tikamoon] Achille Cushion Cover 50x50 (lifestyle 2), £25.jpg
[Tikamoon] LEONTIE RATTAN HEADBOARD 160 (lifestyle 3) £139.jpg

Made from material-of-the-moment rattan, these headboards are the perfect addition for the turn of the season. When paired with whitewashed walls and scattered houseplants, they create a boho vibe that’s hard to beat.

All of Tikamoon's rattan headboards are lightweight and durable, meaning they can be enjoyed for many years to come. Each one comes pre-assembled, so there's no complex setup needed - simply place against the wall and push your bed against it to secure.

[Tikamoon] ADELE RATTAN HEADBOARD (lifestyle 2) £169.jpg