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Extract from Studio by Sally Coulthard, published by Jacqui Small, an imprint of The Quarto Group. Out 16th March

Lise Meunier, ceramic artist, France

Hunting around fleamarkets is like prospecting for gold. Ceramic artist and stylist, Lise Meunier, has become adept at sieving her way through brocantes for precious pieces to smuggle back to her studio. It’s a gorgeous space. Part studio, part home, it’s a light, white apartment with large windows that open to the sky and a flower-filled balcony. ‘Maybe one day I will put colour on the walls,’ she muses. ‘But white is neutral, enlarges the space and catches the light. And as the room is already full, I find white more visually relaxing.’

Around the studio, vintage pieces of furniture set the stage for her work – large wooden canteen table and kitchen table provide ample work surfaces, while a small wardrobe ‘bonnetière’ and cooking cupboard keep her equipment in order. ‘I also have lots of small drawers, lockers and doll furniture – very practical for storing small things. I also like using old boxes for storage – biscuit boxes, sewing boxes, tool boxes. There are toys, textiles, decorative items – it’s an accumulation of objects of all kinds but they often have some connection to children and nature. These objects create the universe in my studio, give me inspiration and make me feel good.’

Lise describes herself as someone who gives ‘a second life to objects’. Her studio, a room off the main living space, is filled with toys, textiles and other decorative items, creating a ‘personal universe’ which informs her work. Most people would make it look like clutter; with Lise’s expert eye, she makes it look like art.

Shiny new furniture just wouldn’t fit with Lise’s work or visual aesthetic; her studio is filled with old furniture, donated by friends, bought in brocantes or found on the street, including an old canteen trestle and a rustic kitchen table.

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Studio by Sally Coulthard

Published by Jacqui Small, an imprint of The Quarto Group.

Out 16th March.

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