Books: The Creative Home

Extract from The Creative Home by Geraldine James, published by CICO Books

Displaying Collections, Wall Art and Creative Storage

Most of us collect something. This could be very specific or quite random - it all depends on the individual. You may have a passion for photographs and choose to surround yourself with a particular style or period of photography. Or you may be fascinated by something more diverse, such as certain fabrics, shapes, or colours. Whatever you collect, every piece usually has a story to tell, and it is really important to display them  all with care and in a way that will enhance your living space.

A collection of vintage retro china, contemporary candlesticks and candles, and other favoured objects has been given a matte black paint treatment. Set against a white backdrop, they are transformed into a stunning display.

All eyes are on the precious items displayed as the plain floating shelves seem to disappear into the white wall. Carefully arranged by material type, the objects create a soothing and intriguing arrangement.

On top of the recycled, dark-stained sideboard, vintage glass decanters and jars form part of a carefully curated selection of objects collected over the years, complementing the display of personal photographs above.

Tall, short, narrow, and round, bottles in all shapes, sizes, and colours sit on a windowsill in their final incarnation as decorative objects, cheering up an east-facing window. As the sun rises, the light refracts through the glass, showering the kitchen with a myriad rainbow colours.

A rather dark hallway lends itself perfectly to this leaning art. Bespoke open-fronted cupboards, built expressly for collections of magazines, are the perfect platform for leaning pictures in a narrow space. The pictures are easy to move around, simple to clean, and totally interchangeable.

Photography Β© CICO Books 2016.