Boozy Winter Eton Mess

Something for the weekend. A deliciously boozy concoction of Cointreau soaked clementines, Brandy cream and pomegranate seeds. Light enough for an Indian summer but also a fantastic alternative to Christmas pudding when the time comes.

1/2 batch of meringue girls mixture
• Pink food colouring
• 2x tbs freeze-dried raspberries
• 1 pomegranate (seeds bashed out for garnish)
• 2 tbs freeze dried raspberries for garnish

500ml cream
• 2 tbs icing sugar
• Big splash of brandy (to your taste)

4 clementines (pealed and segmented)
• 300mls Cointreau

• Turn your Rangemaster oven to 100°C. Line a flat baking tray with parchment.
• Using your 2 tbs of freeze-dried raspberries ground into a fine powder, fold into your meringue mixture until just combined.
• Paint the inside of your piping bag with natural pink food colouring, spoon mixture into your piping bag, cut the tip and start piping.
• Once you have piped out all your Raspberry kisses, place in the oven.
• Start by soaking your clementines. Pour the Cointreau into a bowl with the clementine segments.
• Stir insuring all of the segments are coated with the alcohol, cover and leave to soak in the fridge for at least 2 hours (even better over night).
• Then onto the brandy cream. Pour the cream into a mixing bowl with the icing sugar.
• Whisk until just thick being very careful not to over mix.
• Add a big splash of brandy and fold into the whipped cream with a spoon.
• Plate up and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of The Meringue Girls in partnership with Rangemaster