Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar Re­‐Launches With A New Look

Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar is a quirky cocktail bar in the heart of Fitzrovia, originally opened in 2007 and now relaunching with a new design concept. From the people behind Reverend JW Simpson, The Blitz Party and Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, the new look B&H Bar will still offer the late night partying and original cocktails with which the bar made its name, but with a more luxurious and grown-up feel.

Situated in a discreet basement at the bottom of Charlotte Street , Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar has long been known as the go-to hangout for in-the-know Londoners and was originally celebrated for its chintzyinteriors reminiscent of a stylised 1920s living room. The new look is no-less flamboyant, this time bringing a more modern and luxurious feel to the space and featuring an eclectic mix of painstakingly sourced materials and contrasting periods. 

Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar may well have been leaders in the field of cocktails in teacups, but with this new refurb they are clearly moving away from their vintage roots . The new B&H Bar menu playfully crosses little known homemade ingredients such as Thai basil syrup; culinary techniques such as moss and pine 'Highland' spray or the CO2 charged aged rum; and intelligent twists on party classics such as the Popstar Martini with its passionfruit champagne jelly or the 'Blue Wray' falernum-laced Heisenberg Daiquiri.

The New design is a firm departure from the former retro aesthetic, whilst retaining much of the original layout. The leather banquettes that lined the walls have been rebuilt and upholstered in delicate coral silk and finely woven cream wool, buttoned in bright florals. The marbled bar is expertly echoed on a smattering of table tops, interspersed amongst live edged oak, black glass and piano finish gloss. The chairs are all individually sourced antiques, brought up to date with bold primary colours and exotic prints from as far afield as Asia and South America. Uniting the elaborate aesthetic is the rich pink and warm white, hand painted fabric wallpaper, and the original parquet flooring, restored to its former simple beauty.