Brighten Up Your Bathroom in Three Simple Steps

When you look at your bathroom, what do you see? A relaxing retreat where you can escape the stresses of the world, or a tired room that’s been seriously overlooked on the interior design front?

For many of us, the answer is the latter. The bathroom is often the last room you focus on when decorating your house. Usually bedrooms and family rooms take priority and sometimes a tight budget and lack of time can mean that you just never get round to starting the job. As long as the bathroom remains clean and functional, it’s not the most important thing for you to worry about.

So, what can you do to make sure you keep your bathroom fresh and on trend when other factors might get in the way of you renovating it completely?

Invest in a stylish mirror

An ultra-modern LED illuminated mirror above the sink can really bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Invest in a bathroom mirror with lights that will not only brighten up the room, but will also make your morning routine much easier.

Pick a colour scheme

Having a mishmash of colours and styles in a bathroom – especially one that’s small – can lead to it looking disorganised and dated. Instead, choose a colour scheme for your bathroom and stick to it.

You might have a neutral colour like grey or white on your walls, but add a welcome pop of colour with bright coordinated towels, bathmats and accessories and you can quickly freshen up a dull bathroom.

Organise your space with clever storage

The bathroom is a room that can easily look cluttered. Between shampoo bottles, towels, toilet rolls and other accessories, precious surface space can quickly run out. By installing a bathroom cabinet to store all your necessities, you can transform the room into a much more stress-free, de-cluttered place, freeing space on your surfaces to display more luxurious items like candles and perfume bottles.

No matter the size or shape of your space, a mirrored bathroom cabinet from Illuminated Mirrors can easily be fixed to the wall. There’s something for everyone in the range too. From audio-Bluetooth cabinets for music lovers to oak cabinets for those who want a more traditional look. Or, if you’re worried about fitting one into a narrow bathroom, choosing a corner unit is a great space-saving alternative.

Illuminated Mirrors’ stunning range of bathroom mirrors and cabinets all include a variety of useful built-in features like infrared sensor switches, demister pads and energy saving LED bulbs. This means that they blend seamlessly with your lifestyle and really help make your bathroom the stress-free space you deserve.